The Students’ Plenary Session

The students’ plenary session discusses and votes on all important issues, which concern the entire student body. During the last semesters, it discussed the budget of the student government, the design of the semester ticket and the rent in the Seezeit dormitories.

During the student plenary sessions, everybody can deliver statements and to vote, so drop by and raise your hand!

Furthermore, everybody can hand propositions at least seven days prior to the student plenary session to the Coordination Commission. There is at least one students’ plenary session per semester. Resolutions need at least the approval of 1% of the student body (about 110 votes), they are binding for the Faculty conference, the Student Parliament and the departments.

We will announce a plenary session at our homepage and on posters.

You have never been to a plenary session and you do not know what to do there? Here you are going to find a summary of the rules of procedure, according to our organizational statute.

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