Conciliation Committee

The Conciliation committee is responsible for all kinds of clarifications. It consists of six elected persons. Three of them are elected by the Student Parliament (StuPa) and three by the Faculty conference (FSK). Every student can call on the Conciliation committee. Meetings do only take place if need be/after someone called on the committee. Its tasks are:

  • To audit whether the rules of procedure, the statues and resolutions are in line with the organizational statute and the Landeshochschulgesetz.
  • The interpretation of the organizational statute and further statutes.
  • To decide whether an election is valid, in case they do not underlie electoral regulations.
  • Recommendations and mediation in case of conflicts of competence.

You want to get in contact with the Conciliation committee (SchliKo)? Mail:

Andreas Scherer

    Marius Marquardt

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