Faculty Conference

The Faculty conference (Fachschaftskonferenz), short FSK, consists of one representative of each university faculty and the FSK-coordination. It represents the students in all questions that directly concern teaching or research. This includes statements to examination regulations, the usage of university fees, proposals for positions in committees and teaching- and research- relevant orders for the leaders of the AStA committees (Referate). Another important task of the FSK is the exchange and coordination between the faculties.


All students of one department form a faculty, which usually meets up once a week on a fixed time. The unfixed group of people that attends these meetings on a regular basis, is usually unofficially referred to as faculty. On the one hand faculties represent the interest of the students belonging to their own departments, on the other hand they provide diverse offers, as for example collections of records of examinations/exam sheets/scripts..., parties, Christmas celebrations and of course activities for freshmen (pub crawls, outings…).

Since faculties are dependent on the engagement of students, we invite you to drop by and participate!

Annika Bähring

  • Koordinatorin

Steffen Reinbold

  • Stellvertretender Koordinator
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Ilmari Thömmes-Jeltsch

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