What is the AStA?

The Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA) is the Students Union and the executive of the Student Government.

It is divided into separate thematical committees (Referate), where everybody can get engaged in. Their work leads to a variety of different offers and activities for our students. These offers and activities are sometimes organized directly by the committees and workgroups of the AStA, have been initiated by former AStAs, or are supported by the AStA. Additionally, the AStA represents the students on federal state and state level. To achieve that, it is active in supra regional networks, meets up with the Ministry of Science, the workers Unions and the press.

The AStA and its committees can be found in its office: H301a. You will find someone there at almost any given time.

If you want to find out the times of the meetings, you can go to the office, the secretariat, view our posting or have a look at our homepage. During the semester meetings that are open to all students usually take place on a weekly basis. The leaders of the committees and the members of the coordination commission are entitled to vote and hand in proposals for the meetings.

Representatives of the Student Parliaments Parties in the AStA
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